Plant Growth Promotion for better plant resilience (continued) Vidi Parva (ProParva): stimulates root growth and generative growth • Composition: a cold-pressed water extract made from plantbased raw materials and micro-elements • Effects: Stimulates root growth, which makes it ideal for application during the early growth phase . Also encourages a more generative growth behaviour which, depending on the crop and variety, translates into extra growth of flower parts, induction of fruit setting and strengthening of apical dominance . • Packaging: plastic container Vidi Terrum (ProTerrum): boosts plant metabolism and stress tolerance • Composition: a cold-pressed water extract from plant-based raw materials with high concentrations of amino acids and peptides . • Effects: stimulates plant metabolism resulting in better internal transport of nutrients in the plant . Increases the flower and the pollen quality and improves plant vitality and tolerance to abiotic stress . • Packaging: plastic container Vidi Fol (Fortafol): is a 100% natural product based on humic and fulvic acids • Composition: Humic and fulvic acids • Effects: The unique formulation increases the tolerance of plants to abiotic stress (temperature, humidity, light) . • Packaging: plastic container Linafer-P: humic acid and bacillus subtilis plant growth promoter • Composition: humic acid and bacillus subtilis • Effects: Linafer-P makes the plant more healthier and vigorous . It aids in plant’s efficient uptake of nutrients which in turn sustain its natural nutrient balance . • Packaging: plastic container For additional information regarding introduction rates, chemical usage, etc. consult your local Koppert representative or visit Important! Only use products that are permitted in your country or state. 22 Pagina 21

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